SportZone is a series of FREE programs offered once per month during the school year for boys and girls enrolled in Kindergarten thru 2nd grade. The goal of SportZone is to provide and encourage young athletes to sample multiple sports in an effort to minimize sport specialization at a young age. Participants will learn fundamentals and general sport IQ in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment while building self-confidence and social interaction skills. Listed below are our upcoming SportZone sampling days. BRING A FRIEND!


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: October 12 @ The Sports & Exhibition Center at Tam-O-Shanter (6pm-7pm)
Kindergarten – 2 Grade: November 9 @ Stranahan Elementary School (6pm-7pm)
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: December 12 @ Stranahan Elementary School (6pm-7pm)
Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade: January 16 @ Stranahan Elementary School (6pm-7pm)
1st & 2nd Grade: February 13 @ The Sports & Exhibition Center Field House @ Tam-O-Shanter (4pm-5pm) – THIS HAS BEEN REVISED FROM THE ORIGINALLY POSTED TIME & LOCATION
1st & 2nd Grade: March 13 @ Stranahan Elementary School (6pm-7pm)
1st & 2nd Grade: Date & Time TBD  @ Quarry Ridge Golf Center – 6081 Clark Road – Ottawa Lake, MI 49267